About UK

UK usually refers to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, an island country in northwestern Europe. It can also refer to one of its predecessor states, the (united) Kingdom of Great Britain (1707–1801), or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801–1927).

Education System in the UK

Before applying to UK universities you may have completed your secondary studies from your country but unfortunately they will not be initially accepted in UK. For this you will have to undergo a one year International foundation course to bring your qualifications up to the required mark acceptable for the course you want to take up.

Why study in UK?
  • Solidarity between students and professors
  • Open and stimulating classroom environment
  • Cultural diversity in the society
  • Better System of Education
Living expense:

When you arrive you will feel as if you have a lot of money with you. Please budget sensibly. You will need to think about paying for fees and accommodation. Students who live on-campus do not have to worry about transportation to classes, because everything is within walking distance. It is difficult to estimate accurately the cost of living since so much depends on your lifestyle. On the whole, university accommodation is cheapest. You will also find that SOAS and other colleges of the University offer subsidised cafes and bars where eating and drinking is more affordable.